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Although Bridgette is 21 years old, her tiny infant Size 2 shoe prevents her from wearing "adult" shoes.
The World's Smallest Adult Siblings....  At 19 years old Brad Jordan is 3'2" at 35 pounds while sister Bridgette, age 21, is 26.875" tall at just 18 pounds, roughly the size of an average 8 month old infant.  It is widely believed Bri is the "Smallest Adult Woman in the World." Both Bri and Brad were born with MOPD Type II Primordial Dwarfism.  Both are delightful, young adults!  (and college cheerleaders!)
Bri and Brad have BIG spirits in TINY bodies!  According to medical journals, Primordial Dwarfs are "born happy sociable people."  This is Bridgette at her graduation party and Brad dressed for the prom, both characters, as always...  Contrary to internet MYTH, Primordial Dwarfs can live full and, obviously, happy lives!  Bridgette and Brad are literally in medical textbooks as classic cases of Primordial Dwarfism.
Bridgette compares foot-sizes with her 10 month old niece.  At 21 years old, Bridgette wears an infant size 2 shoe - so her niece has a bigger foot.
As a frame of reference, the tall soccer player, Forest, 6'3", age 19, is a month ~younger~ than Brad, also 19.   Most would find it hard to believe Bridgette is the official "adult" in this picture....
Bridgette graduated from high school in 2009.  Bri tends to stand out - or get lost - in a crowd, as is evident in this image of her with graduating classmates.  In crowded public places Bri must be protected from being bumped into or accidentally stepped upon.
To the delight of friends and relatives Bridgette, the smallest high school graduate, marches into her graduation. Bri earned a "Senior Student of the Month" award just prior to graduation.  Bri is now in her 2nd year of college.
Bridgette leads her kindergarten students to the lunchroom.  When teaching, Bri assumes a more authoritative attitude than usual in order to control these big 5 year old's.  It worked... Nobody picked her up; everyone was perfectly well-behaved...
Brad returned to Stanford 8 months after his 3 brain surgeries for a series of tests. Technicians noted Brad's unusual ability to lay motionless during long, tedious procedures.   Brad checked out 100% and was given a clean bill of health!
Brad plays Wii after the 2nd of 3 successful brain surgeries performed at Stanford Lucille Packard's Children's Hospital by renowned neurosurgeon Dr Gary Steinberg, a world authority on operating on the brains of Primordial Dwarfs.  With medical advancements, Dr Steinberg believes, "Primordial Dwarfs can now lead full lives."
9 months after 3 brain surgeries, Brad does a run of back flips down Stanford Neurosurgery department hallways at the request of renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Gary Steinberg, at left, as  other neurosurgeons observe in disbelief.   3 weeks after this checkup, Brad won the State Championship in AAU Tumbling/Floor Exercise!!!! (the one for tall, advanced gymnasts)
Brad shows off the form which made him STATE CHAMPION in Illinois for his floor exercise routine.  Brad's diminutive physiology & extreme musculature make him an astonishing athlete, perhaps one of the quickest men on Earth, physicists have hypothesized.
Bridgette loves cooking and is quite adept at getting to wherever she needs to be.  The Jordan household has a few stools but Bri and Brad are so agile they often just climb or hop up.  Bri would love to meet Rachel Ray.  Why?  "30 minute meals work for me!," says Bri.
After getting off work as an RN, single Mom Christy takes Bridgette to vote in a local election...  When Bridgette was born her rare condition was a medical mystery for the first 9 years.  Christy became a RN in order to better care for her two Primordial Dwarf children.
Bridgette, a lifelong cheerleader, tried out for and made the Kaskaskia College cheer squad as an incoming freshman, making her the World's Smallest Collegiate Cheerleader!  Brad, now in college, also made this college cheer team!
To know Bridgette is to love her.  Bri is especially close to her friend and Primordial Dwarfism Media Advocate, Kimberly Parker
Photographer/Director Gary Parker, 6'1", with Brad Jordan after a basketball game in which Brad beat the big guy, a former All-State basketball athlete.  3'2", 35 pound Brad can slam dunk a ball on a proportionately correct 5' goal the way 6'6" Michael Jordan slams on a 10' goal.
It's difficult for the average person to wrap their ears around the fact Bri, tho the size of an infant, is actually 21 years old.  Here Bri gives me a "high 5" after doing my hair... (er, after telling me "Your hair is a MESS!")
Zana was immediately smitten by Bridgette's charm and delightful demeanor.  Bri was ecstatic about her new look...  Thank you Zana!!! Click here for "The Studio"
Christy Jordan, Bri and Brad's amazing mother, has raised her tiny children to be fearlessly involved in everything other kids do.  The result of this Super Mom's efforts are two of the most extraordinarily cool and fearless human beings on the planet.
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