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Elo Touch, a display which allows you to move things with a gesture of your finger, no mouse required....
IBM Research - Wearable computer of the future with which the user sees an invisible 21" screen in front of them...
Cogenra Solar
Cogenra Solar
Capabilities illustration for high tech machine shop which creates prototype and custom products for Technology industry
Via creative use of light, Gary makes what might be plain product more exciting for corporate collateral and advertising.'s next generation in programmable logic's next generation in programmable
LandingZone dock for the MacBook Air from InfiniWing. Click here to  see manufacturer's website
Cogenra Solar
Cogenra Solar
CentroSolar installer on roof in Daly City, CA
CentroSolar - Training
Tabula ABAX Chip, Programmable Logic
OnPharma - Totally painless dentistry
Intel - Terahertz Chip / Macro photography
Conceptual brochure cover for technology related electrical company
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