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Romeo, 20, 2 ft. 9" at 21 pounds, with Emily, 25, 5'2". Romeo's smile belies a delightfully HUGE, outgoing and humorous personality, typical within Primordial Dwarfism
Romeo pumps iron, sings, dances and tells jokes in his routine as "The World's Smallest Bodybuilder."
 Romeo Dev, tiny at 20, within the massive Methuselah Tree, over 1800 years old
 At an adult height of just 2 ft. 9" and at a body weight of 21 pounds, it is unlikely Romeo's "World's Smallest Bodybuilder" title will ever be challenged.
Pumped at 21 pounds!!!
The World's Smallest Bodybuilder Romeo Dev with his parents. At 2 ft 9" tall and only 21 pounds no adult is smaller and more ripped than Romeo
Romeo Dev, 20, The World's Smallest Bodybuilder, is a Primordial Dwarf from the Pujabi Province of India who stands 2 ft. 9" tall at 21 pounds. Romeo is one of the smallest vital human adults on the planet.
Romeo Dev, at 2 ft 9" tall and 21 pounds, fits neatly in a slit within the world's largest living thing - the giant redwood - this example being over 20' wide.
The humbling enormity of the massive redwood tree - the world's largest living thing - creates a striking contrast to Punjabi Primordial Dwarf Romeo Dev, at 20 years old, 2 ft 9" and 21 pounds one of the smallest adult human beings on Earth.
Life is a stage for Primordial Dwarf Romeo Dev, photographed dancing and singing in fluent Hindi on a truck bed in California
Romeo woes the girls,  Gary's lovely assistants Emily and Layla
TV Producers Osca Humphreys and Morgan Roberts quickly discovered Primordial Dwarfs like Romeo Dev possess a unique ability to touch and inspire average-stature people.
Romeo Dev, who recently completed taping a documentary - coming soon to a TV near you - clowns with the production crew, Osca Humphreys and Morgan Roberts. Primoridal dwarfs are noted for their typically affable, engaging personalities and, in many cases, for their incredible athleticism.
Photographer Gary Parker, 6'1", admits he is NOT smarter than a 5th grader and NOT as well-defined and pumped as his friend Romeo Dev, The World's Smallest Bodybuilder....
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