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Forest Parker, a professional Fixed Gear Freestyle athlete, sponsored by LDG and Royale
The kid cleans up well!
"Fixed Gear Freestyle" bikes, sometimes called "Fixies," has created a relatively new sport within cycling. These bikes have no brakes and are extremely difficult to master.  This is Forest Parker, a sponsored free style athlete.
Forest runs across the wall for his official fixed gear portrait...  (NOT Photoshop)
This is a notably huge leap which came with an element of extreme risk - a wipe-out might have meant a trip to emergency....
"Sick" leap with major air...  Since these bikes do not coast - pedals turn constantly - extreme strength is required to jerk the bike off the ground.
Fixed gear freestyle includes both extreme-air launches off ramps and concrete structures as well as tricks done on flat pavement.
Chasing down the mail man....
Bar spin..
Mid 180 degree spin.  As with ice skating, tricks only get more extreme.  Now 360 degree spins are
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